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Property Compliance

Our compliance experts work with housing organisations, helping to solve a range of issues involving electric, gas, fire, water, asbestos and lifts.
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Building Safety

With a wealth of building safety experience and technical knowledge, we help you identify any building safety gaps.
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Asset Management

Whether a health check of your organisation’s existing approach is required, or you need support with strategy development, we provide maximum value for money.
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Occupational Health, Safety and Wellbeing

We review all aspects of your occupational H&S management framework, and work with you to identify improvements and areas for progression.
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Project Management

We guarantee your project is managed on time and within budget, ensuring milestones are met and expectations are exceeded.
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We lead and manage all property related procurement activity, working alongside your own procurement team to provide guidance, collaboration and advisory support.
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Options Appraisal

Via an impartial and concise report, we assist you in making informed and evidence-based decisions on potential changes within your organisation.
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Combining options appraisals with repairs service reviews provides maximum assurance that your services are aligned to meet your needs and goals.
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Leading and Embedding Change

Our thought leadership and development consultancy includes assessment of ICT strategy, organisation design review, and customer journey mapping.
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How we can help

From managing people to managing assets, our range of consultancy services combined with our respected and trusted experts ensure you achieve property compliance.

Helping you stay compliant with…

  • Regulatory standards, including RSH Consumer Standards
  • Property and building safety obligations, such as gas safety, fire safety and asbestos
  • Occupational health and safety legal duties
  • Property condition standards
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FREE Consultancy guidance

lee woods operations director
On demand 20 mins
Is the sector keeping residents safe in their homes today, and how prepared are they for the future with the upcoming legislative changes in fire and building safety?
Lee Woods
lee woods operations director (2)
Self-assessment 7 mins
Complete our Building Safety self-assessment and find out where you are on your compliance journey.
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Blog 7 mins
Can you rely on the accuracy of your compliance data?
Tom Wilkinson

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Featured case study

Wrekin Housing Group

Building Safety Gap Analysis

high rise

"Pennington Choices were able to give us that specialist assurance that the work we had completed already was in line with the draft legislation, but more importantly give us a view on what we still needed to do. We would recommend all organizations have a similar review undertaken, to give you an up to date position statement, before the new legislation is implemented."
- David Hall, Group Head of Property - Wrekin Housing Group

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Housing Consultancy FAQs

What is the Building Safety Bill?

The Building Safety Bill is “A bill to make provision about the safety of people in or about buildings, and the standard of buildings, to amend the Architects Act 1997 and to amend provision about complaints made to a housing ombudsman”. The Bill was created in response to the tragedy at Grenfell Tower in 2017, the horrific scenes that took place were a direct result of the serious failing of the building and the management of the properties. The Bill ensures that there is accountability throughout the sector, to ensure that those responsible for the safety of high-risk buildings and their occupants are doing what they need to, and that for any mistakes, they are held accountable and made to put them right.

When will the Building Safety Bill become law?

The Building Safety bill is currently in the House of Commons and is awaiting its third reading. The report stage gives MP’s an opportunity to consider further amendments to a Bill which has been examined in committee. Once the report stage has completed, this is followed by a debate. There are 8 further stages the Bill must go through to gain Royal Ascent, it is expected that the Building Safety Bill will come onto the statute book and become the Building Safety Act, between April and July 2022.

To keep abreast of the changes, check out this link which will take you straight to the Parliamentary Bills website, where all the updates in Bill Passage are made.

Who is the Building Safety Regulator?

The Building Safety Regulator will be a governing body who will be given powers to enforce the rules set out in the Building Safety Bill and act against those who break them. The Regulator will also implement a new set of more stringent rules for high rise properties, including how they are designed, constructed, and occupied. The introduction of the Building Safety Regulator shows a proactive, rather than reactive approach to building safety, which the sector has needed for some time.

What is a Building Safety Manager?

The Building Safety Bill introduces stronger requirements on Accountable Persons to ensure building safety risks in occupied properties are properly managed. It can be the case that Accountable Persons may not have all the competencies required, therefore the role of the Building Safety Manager was created to assist the Accountable Person meet their obligations. This role can be given to either an individual or organisation who are sufficiently competent, knowledgeable, and experienced to carry out effective day-to-day management of building safety risks.

What is Property Compliance?

Property compliance is achieved through the adherence to all relevant legal obligations, regulations, and Approved Codes of Practice (ACOP) relating to a property. Within the housing sector, these obligations are placed on landlords and property owners, ranging from social housing to private student lettings. Property compliance focuses on 6 key areas these are:

  1. Electrical Safety

  2. Gas and Heating Safety

  3. Fire Safety

  4. Water Hygiene Safety

  5. Asbestos Management

  6. Lift Safety

This list is not exhaustive and there are circa 97 areas of compliance that a landlord or housing provider needs to manage. For a confidential chat about the areas of compliance you may need support with, speak to an expert.