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The new consumer regulation regime is here

As of 1st April 2024, the Regulator of Social Housing has implemented a new consumer regulation regime, introducing a proactive approach to landlord inspections and an updated set of consumer standards. The new regime aims to put requirements in place to keep tenants safe in their homes, give them a voice, and respond promptly to address problems. 

Ensuring you understand the latest updates is crucial for making sure you are complying with the standards, for preparing for inspections and, most importantly, keeping your tenants safe. We’re here to help you navigate the new regulations and standards as well as identifying your next steps with upcoming landlord inspections and tenant satisfaction measures data returns.  

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The new consumer standards 

The new consumer standards are now in place for all registered social landlords, including local authorities, to ensure tenant’ s homes are safe, of a decent standard, and that they have the opportunity to shape the services they receive.. A significant change is that landlord inspections will be conducted according to these standards, meaning it is crucial for you to be able to demonstrate compliance now in preparation for your inspection. 

Existing Standards

 Governance and Financial Viability Standard
 Value for Money Standard
 Rent Standard

New Standards

 Safety and Quality Standards
  Transparency, Influence and Accountability Standard
 Neighbourhood and Community Standard
 Tenancy Standard

Read more how the updates will impact your organisation and how to stay  compliant here

Explore how we can help

16 Self-Assessment
A baseline review of your approach to assess where you are and to highlight gaps or areas for improvement. This will provide a structured approach to adhering to the new standards.

16Consumer Standards Health Check
Providing assurance that you are currently meeting the necessary standards and can demonstrate this, with a clear roadmap for your next steps.e th

16Mock Inspection
A review of your compliance with the consumer standards, including interviews with key stakeholders to help you prepare for the upcoming landlord inspection. 

16Policy Review
A thorough evaluation of your current policy to ensure it demonstrates the measures you are taking to keep tenants safe and meet the new consumer standards.

16Training Courses
Explore expert-led training sessions designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the new legislation and guidance on compliance in an engaging and accessible format. 


On-Demand Webinar

New Consumer Regulation Regime: Insights and Updates

Recorded Live on Wednesday 12th June 2024

Our experts are joined by a special guest from Regulator of Social Housing to discuss the new consumer regulation regime and how organisations are adapting to the changes two months on. This webinar covers the lessons learnt and best practices developed from the pilot inspections and the initial two months under the new regime to ensure compliance with the new regime and new set of consumer standards.   

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Our Guidance

Your Guide to the New Consumer Regulation Regime - Cover image
eBook 15 minutes
Discover everything you need to know about the Regulator of Social Housing’s new consumer regulation regime and revised standards to maintain compliance and prepare for your landlord inspections in our guide.
Consumer regulation checklist - cover image
Do you know what the new consumer standards mean for your organisation?
Use our checklist to assess and identify any gaps within your approach to the Regulator of Social Housing’s new regime.
Consumer Regulations Q and As
Blog 3 mins
Consumer Regulation: Your questions answered
We answered the top consumer regulation questions from our webinar to ensure compliance with the new regime.

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Helping you navigate your consumer regulation journey

  • Helping guide you through this journey and the latest legislative developments with our range of bespoke services tailored specifically to your organisation’s needs, from mock inspections and consumer regulation health checks to training courses and information sessions.
  • Providing you with first-hand knowledge from the consumer regulation pilot inspections to share lessons learnt and best practics going into the new regime.
  • Sharing a comprehensive breakdown of the new regulations, outlining what they mean for your organisation and your next steps to ensure compliance.
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