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Building Safety and Compliance Framework
Lot 1 Asbestos Consultancy
Lot 5 Fire Safety Surveying, Engineering & Consultancy - Ranked 1st
Lot 6 Fire Risk Assessments

Lot 7 Fire Safety Inspections

Consultants Framework
Lot 2 Stock Monitoring

Heating & Renewables Framework
Lot 5 - QA and Asset Management

Fire Safety Consultancy (EWNI) Framework

Technical Support Services
Lot 1 – Asset Management
Lot 8 – Construction Design Management

Compliance Solutions Framework
Lot 1a
Asbestos Surveying
(1st Ranked) across London, South East and National Lots

Strategic Asset Management Framework

Lot 1 Stock Condition
Lot 2 Fire Risk Assessments (1
st Ranked)
 Lot 3 EPCs (1
st Ranked)
Lot 4 Asset Strategy (Ranked 1st)

Building and Stock Surveyors Framework

Decarbonisation and Retrofit Framework

Employers Agent and Quantity Surveying Framework

Consultancy Services Framework
Lot 4 Project Management
Lot 10 Stock Condition Surveys

Heating Consultancy Framework

Asbestos Inspections Framework

Framework of Suppliers for Risk Assessments
Lot 2 – Fire Risk Assessments

Framework of Suppliers for Compliance Services
Lot 2 – Asbestos Management

Consultants Framework
5A - Building Surveying (Yorkshire & The Humber)
Lot 5B - Building Surveying (East Midlands)
Lot 5C - Building Surveying (North West)

Fire Risk and Mitigation Services
Lot 1 – North West and Cumbria
Lot 2 – North (excluding north west and Cumbria)
Lot 3 – Midlands
Lot 4 – South
Lot 5 - Wales

Professional Services Framework
Lot 1 – Project Management (Yorkshire)
Lot 6 – Principle Designer (Yorkshire)

Asbestos Services In Buildings And Structures Framework

Framework for Asbestos, Legionella and Mould Management
Lot 1.1 Asbestos Surveying, Sampling and Air Monitoring
Lot 1.3 Asbestos Consultancy and Training

Fire Safety Consultancy Framework

Fire Risk Assessments

Lot 1b Asbestos Surveying

Framework Agreement for Estates Consultancy Services 2018-2023
Lot 6 - Asbestos Consultancy, Survey and Testing (and related services)

Provision of Estates Maintenance & Engineering Services
Lot 7 - Fire Risk Assessments and Associated Works

Healthcare Planning, Construction Consultancy and Ancillary Services (HPCCAS)
Lot 2 (PM)
Lot 4 (QS)
Lot 6 (PD)
Lot 8 (Building Surveying)

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