What type of course are you looking for?

ezgif.com-gif-maker (11) From £215 pp

HHSRS Training

5.5 hours

Virtual or Classroom

5th July 2022 (full day) GOING FAST

Suitable for those requiring a comprehensive insight into Housing Health and Safety Rating systems. Upon completion, delegates will be able to assess conditions in practice and record inspections.  

  • Gain an understanding of relevant legislation and its implications for your properties
  • Four, manageable modules via video conferencing 
  • CPD certificate upon completion

High-rise From £175 pp

Disrepair Training

9:00 - 13:00

Virtual or Classroom

13th September 2022 AVAILABLE

For those wishing to gain an understanding of their legal obligation as a landlord around disrepair. Includes practical advice to prevent disrepair claims. 

  • Outlines the financial and wider impact of disrepair on an organisation
  • Incorporates practical experience of delivery at operational and managerial level 
  • CPD certificate upon completion

PC-20.8-office From £135 pp

Effective Data Management

3 hours (half day)

Virtual or Classroom

5th October 2022 AVAILABLE

A half-day workshop focusing on why data management is important and how to manage your data effectively to help ensure compliance on property safety.

  • Learn what effective data management looks like
  • Find out how to report your compliance position accurately 
  • Suitable for those who work with data and who manage compliance programmes 

Training - WebP-1 From £190 pp

IOSH Leading Safely

1 day

Virtual or Classroom

18th November 2022 AVAILABLE

Personalised training to help you become an effective leader for health and safety. Suitable for those with management responsibilities, demonstrating a commitment to health and safety. 

  • Delivered by industry experienced Chartered Health & Safety professional
  • Workshop style coaching format
  • IOSH Certificate for accredited training upon completion  

Training - WebP-1 From £115 pp

IOSH Working Safely

1 day

Virtual or Classroom

30th September 2022 AVAILABLE

This course focuses on improving the culture of safety at all levels within an organisation by addressing why health and safety is important and how individuals can positively impact their well-being. 

  • Delivered by industry experienced Chartered Health & Safety professional
  • Suitable for delegates from all countries, sectors, and industries
  • IOSH Certificate for accredited training upon completion

Training - WebP-1 From £295 pp

IOSH Managing Safely

3 days

Virtual or Classroom

Aimed at Senior Management, Managers, Supervisor and Team Leaders, this 3-day course educates delegates on key safety topics and core responsibilities including the assessment and reaction to hazardous situations.

  • Delivered by industry experienced Chartered Health & Safety professional 
  • Uses IOSH approved training materials
  • IOSH Certificate for accredited training upon completion

ezgif.com-gif-maker (15) From £175 pp

Building Safety Awareness Training

3 hours (half day)

Virtual or Classroom

Provides key information on the implications for building owners and landlords of the Building Safety Act 2022. Delegates will gain an understanding of the practical steps required to ensure compliance with new regulations. 

  • Learn from relevant lessons from the Grenfell Tower Public Inquiry 
  • Helps you identify areas to ensure you are ready for the legislative changes 
  • CPD certificate upon completion

ezgif.com-gif-maker (36) From £215 pp

CDM Training (Construction, Design and Management)

1 day

Virtual or Classroom

19th July 2022 AVAILABLE

This 1-day workshop delivers comprehensive information on the CDM Regulations 2015 and associated roles and responsibilities and documentation for those working in construction design and management. 

  • Virtual or in-person
  • Training tailored to delegate existing knowledge, experience, and working-life experiences 
  • CPD certificate upon completion

Asbestos Surveying - Sampling - WebP From £349 + £15pp

Asbestos Awareness Training

9:00 - 12:00

Virtual or Classroom

A short course providing awareness and knowledge of hazards and risks posed by asbestos-containing material.  Delegates gain an overview of key legislative measures and how to undertake work activities safely.   

  • Learn to avoid the risks from asbestos and use appropriate workplace precautions
  • Aimed at those in control of buildings who may encounter suspected asbestos materials 
  • Nationally recognised certificate from UKATA upon successful completion

How we can help

We know that it can be tricky to juggle completing your day job and ensuring you keep up to date on all of the relevant training and legislation that you need to be aware of. Our bespoke training sessions will enable you to have confidence that you are meeting your obligations, without taking up too much time.

Helping you stay compliant with....

  • Any gaps in knowledge you may have
  • Up and coming legislation and any changes that you need to know about to maintain compliance
  • Sector best practice
  • Addressing the common pitfalls of compliance and operations within the housing sector

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use Pennington Choices for training?

We help you manage compliance, inform your teams, and change behaviour in your organisation. Our best-in-class delivery process ensures our wide-ranging and high-quality training courses are engaging and accessible. Our cost-effective training courses will make a positive difference in your organisation.

If I wanted a bespoke course tailored to my business needs, can you help me?

Absolutely! We can tailor your training to reflect your organisation’s needs whilst delivering market-relevant content. Speak to one of our team to find out how we can meet your organisation’s exact requirements.

Is Pennington Choices a training company?

Yes. We provide a wide range of expert, technical, and accredited training* courses to meet your needs. Our courses are delivered by industry experienced professionals and are constantly updated to ensure content is relevant and impactful to your organisation.

*CPD and IOSH Certificate, see course details for more.


Where are your training courses held?

Our training courses are held in a range of venues to meet your needs. On-site or virtually, we aim to meet the needs of any learning style, delivering training effectively for everyone.

What time do courses start and finish?

It depends on the course; however, we aim to start at 9.30am and finish by 4.30pm.