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What are your challenges?

We understand that meeting the necessary standards for compliance is one of the most demanding operational challenges you face. Our bespoke cloud-based system, alongside our team of qualified auditors who have the ultimate combination of experience, skills, and professionalism, ensures we deliver an unmatched auditing service across all five compliance areas.

What are the five compliance areas?

                 GasElectricWaterAsbestos Fire

Why choose Technical Auditing

If you want absolute assurance you are doing everything you can to keep your tenants and buildings safe, having an independent audit can help.

  • Assure your tenants and Board that you are meeting the expectations of the Regulator.
  • Raise the standards of your existing suppliers.
  • Transparent reporting with clearly defined metrics and actions that your suppliers may need to take.
  • Demonstrate practical compliance to avoid compliance scrutiny, intervention, or downgrade.

Technical Auditing FAQs

How is the service organised and resourced?

Our dedicated planning, scheduling, and dispatch (PS&D) team guarantee an efficient and responsive process.

What accreditations do you hold?

 With over 20 years of service delivery, we hold nationally recognised accreditations for all five areas of compliance

Technical Auditing accreditations and memberships