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To avoid being in breach of the Fire Safety (England) Regulations 2022 and the Building Safety Act 2022, you must provide robust information about the risk of external fire spread from an external wall system on a building. Our external wall assessment will assess the risk to occupants from a fire spreading over or within the external walls of your building and decide whether, in the specific circumstances of the building, remediation or other mitigating measures to address the risk and meet safety standards are necessary.  

Using the PAS9980 guidance, a surveying approach is adopted to provide information for project sites as part of our assessments. Our competent fire engineers and building professionals will conduct a Fire Risk Appraisal of External Walls (FRAEW) based on the PAS 9980:2022 code of practice, which details a five-step risk assessment process for fire risk appraisals of external wall construction and cladding.  

The Pennington Choices FRAEW Process

Stage 1 – FRAEW Analysis 

Your building will be inspected via fact finding and evidence gathering to assess and analyse:  

   Building construction / external fire spread – Yes / No / Unknown 
   Fire load in wall build up or attachments – Yes / No / Unknown  
   Cavity barrier, quality of workmanship and overall installation – Yes / No / Unknown 

You will then be provided with an FRAEW Analysis Report to outline whether or not an FRAEW is required, alongside an EWS1 Form if needed.

Stage 2 – FRAEW 

If your building needs an FRAEW assessment based on Stage 1, your building will have its fire performance, facade configurations, and fire strategy, hazards and fire service assessed and analysed. 

You will then be provided with an FRAEW assessment report, an initial risk rating as defined in PAS9980, and an EWS1 Form which reflects the findings of the PAS9980 report.  



How to appoint us

We’re proud to be part of several great frameworks for Fire Safety, meaning the procurement process couldn’t be more simple or efficient. You can appoint us directly and compliantly through Fusion21's
Building Safety and Compliance framework
Lot 5 encompasses EWS 

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Why Pennington Choices?

  • Qualified team of experienced fire surveyors accredited by RICS
  • EWS1 Form completion (also known as EWS1 Certificate)
  • Competent service excellence from a values-driven organisation

Fire Risk Appraisals of External Walls (FRAEW) and EWS1 FAQs

What is an External Wall System? 

What is an External Wall System? 

An external wall system is the materials which form the outside wall of a residential building. A building’s external wall system includes, but is not limited to, cladding, insulation, brickwork, and balconies. 

Does my building require an FRAEW? 

Does my building require an FRAEW? 

An FRAEW is required when a Fire Risk Assessor needs further information about the external wall system of a building. It is a legal requirement that external walls and their attachments are carefully considered within the Fire Risk Assessment of any multi-occupied building. A single assessment is needed per building. 

What is an EWS1 Form? 

What is an EWS1 Form? 

The EWS1 form was created by RICS, the BSA, and UK Finance. It is designed to allow residential building owners to confirm that an external wall system has been assessed for fire resistance by a suitably qualified expert, providing assurance for lenders, valuers, residents, buyers and sellers. It is an ‘industry-wide process agreed for valuation of high-rise buildings’ that improves the transactional process of selling and buying your buildings. An EWS1 form applies to the whole building, not the individual flats within it, and is valid for up to five years from date of signature. 

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