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Assuring quality is our number one priority. Our Asbestos experts have worked client side and relate to your Asbestos Management requirements. We provide quick and easy access to asbestos reports and data, ensuring minimum disruption to your operations.

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Asbestos Surveying

From individual domestic dwellings to multiple building, our asbestos surveys are efficiently and comprehensively undertaken in accordance with HSE guidance ‘Asbestos: The Survey Guide’.
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Air Monitoring/Mobile Laboratories

With a dedicated fleet of mobile laboratories undertaking swift air monitoring to complement asbestos removal projects, we provide both online documentation and hard copies of results.
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Sample Analysis

Our UKAS-accredited laboratory services are competitively priced to deliver reliable and accurate analysis of asbestos within 24 hours of samples being received, or sooner if required.
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Consultancy and Remediation services

Our asbestos surveying and consultancy provides you with professional solutions for asbestos management or removal, ensuring the highest standards for even the most demanding of projects.
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Asbestos Training

We deliver UKATA asbestos removal training to clients across the UK, spreading awareness of the dangers associated with exposure to asbestos and ACMs (asbestos-containing materials).
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How we can help

We are passionate about making your life easier through driving service excellence. An asbestos survey is standard across all providers. Where we differ is in our delivery. Developed by our management team, who have worked client side and experienced efficiency frustrations when working with service providers, our service delivery model allows us to react and resolve issues before they become your problem. Our expertise, your solution. Get in touch today for a free one-to-one consultation with one of our experts.

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Planning, Scheduling and Dispatch team (PS&D)

Our PS&D team make appointments and act as the first point of contact for clients and their residents.
  • Planning - You will have your dedicated team for your contract. Your day-to-day contact is your Planning Coordinator.
  • Scheduling - We don't use administrative roles or an automated service to book tenant appointments. Instead, your Planning Coordinator manages a team of trained Schedulers who arrange their survey appointments in a friendly and helpful manner.
  • Dispatch of surveys - A surveyor's daily jobs are planned by our dedicated team, ensuring they are environmentally and geographically efficient.

Free Asbestos Management guidance

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Download your free Building Safety Self-Assessment today to to identify potential gaps under the new building safety legislation and help keep your residents’ safe.
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Guinness Housing Partnership

Asbestos Services

The Guinness Partnership is a housing provider with over 125 years’ experience in building and managing properties. Their stock contains over 65,000 homes across England, ranging across rural and city areas and including domestic and non-domestic properties.

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Asbestos FAQs

When do I need an asbestos survey?

Primarily, if you are about to conduct building works (either minor or major) on a property built before the year 2000. However, it is also worthwhile undertaking a survey if you own a property built before the new millennium for reassurance. It is better to be safe than sorry.

What are the health risks if I have asbestos in my property?

Asbestos in good condition, and that is not going to be disturbed, does not usually present a problem. However, if this is not the case, then exposure to damaged asbestos could be extremely harmful. Especially as the substance is capable of causing cancer and is responsible for around 5,000 deaths each year in the UK.

What can I do if I think I may have asbestos in my property?

If you suspect that your property may contain asbestos then it is important that you take the necessary action and bring in a UKAS accredited company to provide advice and potentially a survey if needed.

How do I know if asbestos is in my property?

Sometimes asbestos is quite obvious and sometimes it is concealed, but for absolute confirmation, sampling and laboratory analysis is required. As a basic guide, it is most found in floor tiles, textured coating, roofing sheets, roof tiles, soffits, flues, cold water tanks as well as panels lining doors and stairs or forming walls and boxing. Very occasionally it might also be found as insulation, including on pipes and on very old boilers or hot water tanks, or as a form of sprayed insulation.

What should I do if the survey tests come back positive?

If the tests come back positive, then this does not immediately mean that the substance must be removed. In fact, if the asbestos is in good condition and it will not be disturbed, then it can usually be safely managed. If the material is damaged it may need to be removed and if so, a health and safety executive (HSE) licensed removal contractor should be able to do this competently.

How long will an asbestos survey take?

There is no fixed amount of time that a survey can take, as this can vary on the size of each building and the amount of suspected asbestos materials. However, we work with clients to minimise disruption, including working outside of operational hours on a range of projects to suit our client’s needs.

Will my property contain asbestos?

If built or refurbished before the year 2000 (prior to the asbestos ban), there is a possibility that your property will contain asbestos in some area.

What should I do if I have an asbestos related emergency out of normal working hours?

Should asbestos be damaged or disturbed during the early hours of the morning or night, it is important that you act quickly to reduce the risk of people becoming exposed to the fibres. In instances such as this, we have a 24/7 out of hours asbestos service along with expert surveyors across the country who are on hand to help.

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