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We understand how daunting it can be to select the right person. Our recruitment experts work alongside our technical in-house experts to help you find exemplary candidates that are a perfect fit for your organisation.  

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We provide a range of expert consultancy and surveying services, and we know what exemplary candidates look like. We also know how daunting it can be to select the right person. Our approach has allowed us to build a genuine and trusted network of candidates who, in many cases, work exclusively via us.

  • Our recruitment experts conduct a thorough market-wide search to identify and contact all potential candidates that fall in line with your requirements and expectations.

  • Our bespoke services and methodologies mean we go beyond recruiting websites to give you a greater spread of talent to choose from. Every assignment is a bespoke consultancy project using our experts – not just a recruitment exercise.

  • We have specialist experience. We are experts in recruiting mid to senior level people into the property directorate of Social Housing Providers. We understand the challenges faced by our clients.
  • We work alongside our technical in-house experts and understand what our clients need. We can complete the recruitment process more efficiently and effectively.
  • We have delivered people who have effected change for our clients for the past 5 years and have the case studies and testimonials that vouch for our expertise.

How we can help

We provide a comprehensive recruitment solution tailored to your organisation’s needs. Our service is confidential and thorough, provides access to a talented pool of experts and, offers post-appointment support.

Our recruitment services offer a comprehensive solution tailored to your organisation’s needs.

  • Confidential
  • Thorough
  • Access to our talent pool of experts
  • Post-appointment support
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Featured Case Study

Group Managing Director

Contract Length: April 2018 – December 2018Contract Value: £33,000

Established in June 2015, ForViva brought together City West Housing Trust, Villages Housing Association, ForLiving and national property services contractor Liberty under a group structure. The group owns and manages 24,000 homes across the North West. Its profit making group members make viable profit that it reinvests through the Community Impact Strategy – enabling communities to build vibrant, safe and sustainable neighbourhoods.

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